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Alpha & Omega Video Media, LLC. (AOVM) has been in business and growing steadily since 2001. We focus on professional videography and photography for the construction industry.

When you have a project to document by videography or photography, please call or email us for a quote.


Rodney Luedtke


-Specializing in Construction Site Documentation-

Alpha & Omega Video Media, LLC.

Construction site documentation can be an inexpensive means against costly claims. In many ways it is less expensive than replacing a drive, sidewalk or curbing. Plus, knowing that a video and/or photograph is protecting your investments is priceless.

Offering Peace of Mind

PRE-CONSTRUCTION video and/or photographs show the surface conditions before materials, workers and equipment arrive on the jobsite.

PROGRESSION video and/or photographs show an accurate reflection of events as they occur in the field.

POST-CONSTRUCTION video and/or photographs show job site quality once the project is complete and workers have left the area.